Friday, September 20, 2013


"They say storytelling is an art of its own. An art which has less to do with the quality of the story, and more with the quality of the storyteller," Audrey stated quite confidently, "the best stories are unplanned.," she paused for a moment as if she was hiding something, "..and if I may say so myself, I am quite the storyteller.  "

The man smirked, seeming blatantly skeptical of Audrey's self-praise. "I haven't met with a great story in ages now, and neither have I met a great storyteller. My hope of that ever happening had faded a long while ago"

"Well Dan, since you've already judged without trying me, I don't feel like it is worth my time to tell you a story at all."

"Sorry to disappoint you Audrey, but I don't want to sugarcoat any of my thoughts for you." Dan sighed.

Despite the rejection that Audrey was endowed with, she smiled happily. She was seemingly unaffected by the words of this smirking man. Her confidence was left intact, she knew who she was, and left the decision of believing her or not to Dan.

The bus came to a halt, and Dan slid out of his seat. Audrey followed. She quickly ran behind him and caught up to him on the busy street of endless movement.

"Are you following me?" he questioned in irritation

"No..not at all. I'm just going to tell you a great story"

"I don't tend to talk to strangers, especially those who follow me off a bus," Dan murmured, "...and if you really are dying to tell someone your story, today really isn't the day for me, I'm heading to an interview right now...and here's the building."

"Alright...well, why don't I wait for you until your interview?" she pleaded.

"Do what you want.. I don't think you care about my opinion anyways". 

With those last words still echoing in the Autumn air, Dan sauntered into the glass building. He was seated in a waiting room full of silence. He submerged into thought, about Audrey's eagerness to share a story. She was definitely odd, being a stranger especially. 

The silence broke as the secretary sent him into the office for his interview. He finally left the waiting room, but the thought of Audrey never left him.

He ambled into the room feeling both fear and excitement. Yet all of this was transferred to a catastrophic shock when he saw Audrey ensconced in the cushioned office chair. He pinched his hand, trying to get Audrey out of his mind.

"Audrey?" he exclaimed in utter shock.

" name is Lisa." 

Dan's jaw dropped in astonishment, either his eyes were fooling him or this cunning woman was. 

"Um, weren't you on the bus with me? You were dying to tell me a story? Your name is Audrey right? You aren't Lisa!" he ambushed her with numerous questions, almost forgetting he had to be interviewed by this very woman.

"You're mistaken my friend, shall we move on with the interview now?"

"I guess..sure.. sorry about that"

"So, how is your patience" the interviewer asked.

"Patience, it's quite good.. why?"

"Well.. I'm quite the storyteller.. have time to hear a story?" Lisa chuckled.


  1. HA! This is really good! It gave me impressions of (in order): Nora Roberts, Madeleine Wickham, Maeve Binchy, and Nicholas Sparks...and finally EA Poe. Just the mellow tone of narration is awesomely done in conjunction with the plot. Quite the storyteller indeed, missy.