Sunday, September 27, 2015


The wind revived him, as he shivered on his way back to the car, his steady walk becoming a desperate sprint. As he fumbled around searching for his keys, he noticed how excessively over-sized the bouquet in his hands was, as if the florist was really feeling generous. The thought flustered him a little, but mostly it gave him peace, everything had to be big tonight. It was his second anniversary with his wife Maureen. His wife who hadn't stepped out of the house in days.

After seating the several roses in the back seat, Jason finally reached for the wheel, driving home to surprise his wife. He wondered if she had planned anything out, like she had on their first anniversary, but he felt doubtful. He encouraged her to go out with some friends in the previous weeks, but she always said the same thing, "I don't feel well today, I think need some rest", and with that she kissed him on the cheek, permitting or maybe begging him to leave. Today morning was the same, although he hoped that perhaps she was hurrying him to piece together a surprise. Maybe a candlelight dinner, or at least a conversation. 

Jason was almost nervous, it was not easy trying to get Maureen to celebrate these days. He didn't know if she would feel excited or plain irritated. Either way, he had to do this. It was only their second anniversary, and there was no way he was giving up already. As he drove towards their home, his mind strayed into thought. Maureen and Jason clicked instantly, from the moment they saw each other, he knew there was something about her that he liked. She was like that, the kind of girl who reeled you in, asking you to solve her. So he did, and less than a year later he found himself married to this beautiful woman. It felt like his dreams had all come true, but times slowly turned, Maureen became distant, a pure stranger.

He dreamt of crashing in a horrific accident as he neared his destination, maybe that would help his wife feel something for once. He pulled into the driveway. Once parked, he sat in the car for a good three minutes. When he mustered the courage to face his silent wife inside, he quickly hopped out of the car. Walking to his front door, he pictured his wife, on this very day last year. She looked gorgeous, in a red fitted dress, lipstick carefully painted overtop her soft lips.

After ringing the doorbell, he waited for something, maybe some movement, Maureen opening the door, or maybe just her voice calling him to come in. But nothing. It was completely silent, he thought about how he had never  heard silence so strongly before. It felt like a premonition of an upcoming disaster. So he opened the door for himself,

Jason walked in hesitantly, with the over-sized bouquet in his hand. He wanted to sprint straight to his bedroom where he could picture Maureen sleeping peacefully, but he was halted. A hand that had crept up from somewhere behind had suddenly taken grasp of him. He could feel his heart beating in some abnormal rhythm as he turned to see whose hands they were. He turned around to see his younger sister, Leah, the look in her eyes telling him she had been sobbing.

"Don't cry, it's going to be fine. She won't be mad this time. I brought her flowers"

With tears still escaping her eyes Leah could barely speak, "no Jason, how much longer will you do this? I can't take it anymore"

Jason didn't process any of the words that came out from his sister's mouth, his mind was fixated on Maureen and heading to their bedroom upstairs. He found his arm still locked in Leah's grasp and thought of asking her let him go, but instead he just pushed her away. In a mere moment, Leah was there lying on the cold floor. She was visibly hurt, he could see that from the blood crawling from her head. He loved her dearly, but there was something inside of him that didn't let him stay there to help Leah. Instead he rushed up to this room.

As he rushed into his bedroom, he knew Maureen would be hidden as always. She was a woman who liked mystery, she was never easy. So he walked towards her bed where she would be laying in complete peace. As he opened the casket, there she was, laying the way Leah was on the floor downstairs, but her blood long dried. He extended his arms offering her favourite red roses.

"Will you forgive me this time?"

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