Saturday, November 22, 2014


Another night drunk, and this time he didn't have enough money left to call a taxi. It'd been about three months, since Amy had left him, and since then his sober days were falling well below the intoxicated ones. It was the only way Brendon felt something other than his numbness, it was his way of surviving. 

He left the pub in a hurry, restlessly worrying about the bills he had to pay soon. Where would he end up after this? He was on the road of self-destruction.

Brendon pulled his keys out from his pocket as he approached his car, now breaking down. It was broken as long as he, the day she left him, he got into a car accident. Since then the car hadn't been quite the same, and neither had he.

His head was wavering with alcohol, it made him wonder if he should drive home by himself. But he had no option, he had no money, nor any friends to drop him off. He lost everything that night.

But he figured he saw things more clearly when he wasn't sober. He could still see her in the clouds, feel her in the passing breezes, and sometimes she touched him through the rains. 

With her in mind, he sat in the car and turned it on. 

The drive down the street was like most other nights, a drive down memory lane. It was self-inflicted pain, the one he kept prolonging. 

He looked ahead and saw her silhouette, she walked gracefully as always. Her hair swayed with the heartbeat of the sky, the palpitating winds. As he drove in closer, he looked into her eyes, waiting to get lost inside them. He saw little glistening droplets of rain land on her cheeks, descending to the rest of her. But he realized later, these were tears.

His car was approaching dangerously close to the thought of her. What if he just drove into her, maybe her ghost would quit haunting him every moment. So he accelerated forward.

Until he heard a bang. He was in dismay, do ghosts bang against cars like that. He immediately hit the brakes.

He hurried out to approach a still figure lying on the ground, a mere stranger she seemed.

"Oh my goodness...I'm so..sorry...Oh no... What the fuck did I do?" He mumbled as he cursed himself. He dialed the ambulance right away, his eyes on a life besides his own, he was ruining.

Her lips moved slowly, "thank you".

He was appalled, did she not know he was the man to drive into her.

"But I crashed into you. Your life is in danger right now"

"Crash again," she whispered slowly as she closed her eyes.

"Are you crazy?" He didn't know what to do, he wanted to curse her and himself. Was she committing suicide or was this something else. And if she was, then why under his car? He had enough worries in his life.

She was lay silent for some time, and Brendon prayed that she would stay alive. After a few moments, she quietly murmured to him, "life sucks".

"It does, but you're going to be fine..the ambulance is going to be here right now"

"They can't save me."


"The ghosts won't let me go"

"I killed them for you" He answered.. 

The ambulance finally arrived and took her away, and after that the police arrived.


He woke up hungover the next morning, in jail. "What the fuck?" he thought. It took him a few moments to recall what might have brought him here.

"Excuse did I get here," he asked bluntly.

"You are exactly where you deserve to be after what you did last night." 

"I was drunk, can you at least tell me what I did? I think I deserve to know" He asked anxiously.

"You crashed into a girl, she's laying on a bed in the hospital because of you. Not only that, you ran away. You left her on the street in the rain!"

"Why would I do that? I swear I wouldn't.. I'm certain I called 911"

"You did call, and that's how we found you. Then you told us she asked for it."

"Oh yeah I remember, she did!"

"Nice try kid." The officer looked irritated.

Brendon tried to the recall the blurry pieces of his drunk night. He remembered crashing into her, she thanked him for it.

"Is she okay?" he asked. Nobody replied.

A few minutes later, the officer came back. He pulled Brendon out of the room, explaining how the strange girl gained consciousness and confessed it was a suicide attempt.

"We're sorry Brendon, it was just the situations, made it seem like a murder attempt.." the officer kept going on with his apologies, but Brendon's mind was fixated on this mysterious girl. Flashbacks of the night before played through his mind, the way she thanked him for crashing into her. 

He hurried to meet here.

When he finally got to the hospital, she was gone.. the only thing left of her was a short letter she had written for him. 

"Thank you for killing my ghosts, I hope you can kill your own."

He tried to think about the ghosts that haunted him, but there were none left.


  1. Some ghosts are hard to exorcise. Hope both of them managed to do it for good


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  2. Glad that someone seemingly unrelated could get him to his senses and turn him to the right direction.

  3. Touched my ♥
    Loved the way u narrated the story..!!

  4. Beautifully written! You have a gift! Do keep writing :)

  5. Vaow, I have not the words to describe how this made me feel, impressed

    1. Thank you! I didn't expect to see you comment here!