Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Unknown

The clock strikes 3am, and as every other night a cacophony of fear begins to stream through the night. The mournful cries, the agonizing screams, and the silent eerie whimpers of a cat are heard.

As a cool, caressing shot of cold air wraps around me, I gasp, and a tingling sensation is sent through my backbone. The turmoil and the constant fear lurking during these nights leaves me feeling pity for myself.

I could run, far away, and try to become unreachable, but the sounds would find me. As I said, I can run, but I can't hide. For the sounds are living in this house, the same place as I.


The morning's light engulfed the room, and flooded it with brightness. My apartment is like any other, nothing extraordinary. The classic white-painted walls, now a little pale and dirty. Furniture aligned into a square-like structure in the center of the room, and a set of velvety- beige curtains draped over the glass windows..

I sauntered myself over to the kitchen table, where my coffee desperately awaited me. As I took a seat, and stretched out my fingers to reach the cup, the phone rang.


"Hello" I quickly murmur.

"Carly?" the voice questions. Already knowing the answer the mysterious man begins to chuckle.

"Umm..yes, it's Carly...Who is this" I answer feeling a little bit scared..

"Be care-f-u-lllll" the mysterious man chuckles.. I quickly throw the phone to the ground, and brace myself. Most people would feel raged at a call like this considering it a joke. But I know, the mysterious chuckling man said some words of truth. I do need to be careful...


The sun fell, and the moon slowly peeks over the horizon. The night has begun, and the darkness prevails. My shut my eyes down, knowing that they`ll be awakened once again by the sounds of this night. But it wasn't the cries that woke me up tonight.


"Hul-ll-ooo?" I reply with fright.

"Ahhh..Carly, it's you..." The mysterious man murmurs.

"Y--eah"....  The line suddenly cut. My hands trembling, my heart racing even faster than ever. And it wasn't a power cut, the man on the other side of the phone had hung up on me. What should I do? But, just when I take a moment to think, the sounds begin.

"A-h-h-h" the crying, the whispers, the cat's eerie footsteps pounding the wooden floors of my apartment. I decide to race down the stairs, with the hope of venturing away in my car. But it's of no use. The car now merely a distant shadow drowned in the night's darkness, its keys misplaced.

There's this strange essence swiveling in the air, hinting me to run upstairs, and be forever veiled under my blankets. But I don't move. I  continue to fearfully amble through the corners of my house trying to trace the source of the sounds.


Bamm.. Bamm

Someone's at the door...  And the knocks are bawling louder and louder with each collision at the wooden door. My heart begins to race, faster than my breath can keep up. Each part of me is smothered in fear, but there still stands a little hope. Who's behind that door? Will it be danger or will it be help? As I ruminate over my two options, my brain spirals down into a quagmire of confusion. I soon realize that, whatever it may be, it's now my duty to open the door...

I stretch my trembling arm towards the door knob. As the doorknob is twisted, a fatal tingle is shot through my back, but I carry on, and pull open the door...

"Carly... It's you..." The man chuckles... He smiles..

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